Our mind to the products

Brush up our technique, grow our ability, and catch up every needs of our customers, these are Ohnuki's mission.
We will spare no effort to achieve them.

"Produce finished goods in a moment“.
Stamping press techniques are key technology for industrial streamlining.
We have been dedicated 60 years to improve the press technologies that is the most rapid manufacturing method, and develop its applications. In order to respond to customers' needs, we have brushed up the overall press technique, productivity, manufacturing accuracy and maintainability of the dies. We have world-scale industrial technology for precision dies design, with stable quality, low cost, high productivity, enlarged product applications.

Innovations of industrial technologies will advance furthermore. We are continuously challenging to create truly innovative techniques and products.

Policies towards future

  • ・Based on our press die design technique, we will create new enriched future by our young power and idea.
  • ・We will propose the aggressive technical improvement, it will contribute to our customers and enhance our business.
  • From the making of prototype, pressing, molding, sub-assembling products. We stand as an integrated manufacturer.
  • ・Environmentally friendly production by R&D.

Activities for Quality

  • ISO9001
  • For the contribution to society and customer satisfaction, we are upgrading the quality level under modern globalization by continuous improvement of quality, cost and delivery. Additionally, we are acting to improve the corporate management quality and human resources.

    ISO 9001 - 2015
    Approved 2017

Activities for Environment

  • ISO4001
  • Through the corporate activities, we would like to act with the aim of realization of healthy and wealthy society by the environmental load reduction and global environment maintenance activities.

    ISO 14001 – 2015
    Approved 2017