Development of new technology. Installation of the equipment. Raising the level of technique. We are challenging to the innovation.

Precision press products have been applied to various industrial fields such as computer, electronics, automobiles, electrics and household appliances.
Requirement of its accuracy, cost and delivery will be more tight.
Study and development of new technologies, installation of up-to-date processing machines, sufficient CAD/CAM systems… Toward breakthrough, we are proceeding with suitable equipments and united power of our staff.

Major inspection equipments

Facilities Manufacturer Remarks
3D coordinated measuring machine Tokyo Seimitsu SVA600A-C6
Laser microscope Keyence VK-9710
Digital microscope Keyence VHX-1000
Vision measuring system Mitsutoyo QSL1020Z/AF
Surface texture and contour measuring Tokyo Seimitsu S1800D-12
Micro hardness testing machine Mitsutoyo HM-221
Rockwell hardness tester Misawa Seiki 150KgLoad
Profile projector Nikon V-12B
Spectrophotometer Shimadzu UV-2450

Major press equipments

Facilities Manufacturer Bolster Die height Capacity Remarks
Knuckle link press AMADA 2200mm*940mm 600mm 400t PDL400
Digital AC servo press AMADA 1380mm*900mm 550mm 300t SDE-3030
High speed automatic press AIDA Engineering 1300mm*850mm 380mm 125t HMX-125
High speed precision automatic press Mitsui Seiki 500mm*400mm 235mm 30t 1000SPM
High speed precision automatic press Yamada Dobby 720mm*450mm 235mm 45t 540SPM
Link motion multi-purpose press AIDA Engineering 1170mm*760mm 400mm 150t NC1-150D(2L)
Link motion multi-purpose press AIDA Engineering 1150mm*600mm 350mm 150t NS1-1500
Multi-purpose press AIDA Engineering 660mm*350mm 270mm 60t NC1-60
Servo press AIDA Engineering 1250mm*760mm 400mm 150t NC1-1500D

Major dies processing equipments

Facilities  Manufacturer Process range Remarks
CNC Jig Grinder Waida Mfg. 600*300*320 UJG-35
CNC Jig Borer Yasuda Precision Tools 900*500*350 YBM950V3
3D CAD/CAM Kodama Corporation TOP Solid 7 sets
CAE ASTOM R&D Progressive die/Mold 2 sets
Wire-cut EDM Seibu Electric & Machinery 700*500*300 3 sets
Wire-cut EDM Seibu Electric & Machinery 500*300*350 M500S
EDM for narrow hole drilling Seibu Electric & Machinery 300*200*150 SH-100C
Die sinker EDM Sodick 350*250*250 AG35L
Machining Center Yamasaki Giken 1000*400*500 YZ500SG
CNC Vertical Milling Machine Yamasaki Giken 850*400*500 YZ-8WR
Surface Grinder Okamoto Machine Tool Works 1000*600*400 PSG106CA
Profile Grinder Okamoto Machine Tool Works 500*140*75 3 sets
Cylindrical Grinder Kondo Machine Works dia.150*450 UGK-450
Lathe Washino dia.240*800 LE-19K
Radial Drilling Machine Ogawa Iron Works 1630*860*765 HOR-D1500
Lapping Machine Yamashita Works #3000 YT100
Quenching Furnace Hata Electric Mfg. 1150°C dia.400*380 Elepot LL